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2000mA 9V DC Right Angle Power Adapter 10-Plug Kit

2000mA 9V DC Right Angle Power Adapter 10-Plug Kit

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With a convenient right angle power plug, this standard 9V center negative power supply delivers up to two amps (!) of current for all your pedal power needs. Designed with noise filtering circuitry for optimal pedal operation.

  • 9V power output
  • Delivers up to 2,000mA of current to power several pedals at once!
  • 10-Plug daisy chain adapter included
  • Center negative connection powers a wide variety of pedals, including all Throne Room Pedals!
  • Right angle plug for convenient connectivity!
  • 2.1mm center pin plug
  • US plug
  • FCC certified, reduces interference with other devices.

Check your pedal’s power requirements to ensure compatibility.

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