The Revelator Distortion

The Revelator Distortion

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The Revelator is an extremely versatile pedal that is known for its huge range of available gain and boost.  The gain can take you anywhere from a light crunch or boost to heavy distortion and pushing into fuzz territory.  With the toggle in the middle position, you get a huge volume boost that will overdrive a tube amp or help you stand out in solos with ease.

Keep the gain low enough and you’ll actually have something closer to a clean boost.  But crank the gain past 12 o’clock and you’ll get gritty distortion that will make your amp scream.  Combine the gain knob with the 3-way clipping switch for a massive palate of tones to choose from.

The 3-way clipping toggle switches between silicone, germanium, and IC-based distortion.

Stacks wonderfully with our Atlantis Overdrive!

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