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Throne Room Tremolo

Throne Room Tremolo

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This tremolo has a purely analog signal path for lush, vintage tremolo sounds.  At no point is your signal converted to digital.  It features 8 different waveforms, as well as a BUILT IN TAP TEMPO!  The tempo can also be controlled with the speed knob, or with an external tap input from another pedal or clock source.


  • 5 knob controls: Waveform, Depth, Distort, Speed, Multiplier.
  • 8 different waveforms: Sine, Square, Triangle, Ramp Up, Ramp Down, Sweep, Reverse Sweep, and Random.
  • Waveform distort knob stretches or squishes the waveform for an extremely wide pallet of sounds within each waveform.
  • Bypass LED and always-on tempo/waveform LED that blinks to the current speed of the tremolo and fades in and out according to the selected waveform, giving you a quick glance at your current settings even while in bypass.
  • Tap input/output – use this jack to have the pedal’s tap tempo sent to another pedal, or receive an input tempo from another pedal or switch.  Sends and requires a normally open switch signal.
  • Calibrated for no volume drop when the pedal is engaged. Internal trim pot is adjustable if a volume boost or drop is desired.

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